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2x a winner

Who wants to return twice in less than 9 months for body work? I had two separate incidences happen and was so pleased that New Country Collision was so very dependable. What an absolute pleasure doing business with Bobby. Such a gem.
Date of Posting: 05 April 2014
Posted By: Tina
Stress free car buying experience plus warranty backup

I went to New Country to look at a Toyota Yaris. Bobby, the owner, was the most genuine and laid back salesperson. He let me test drive the car and never ever seemed pushy to make the sale. He was honest, accommodating and flexible with the price.

After having had the car for a week, the left coil spring broke. I went there and they replaced it with a new one without a second thought and for no charge. If you're in the market for a used car in the Poughkeepsie area or need a repair on your car, I would highly recommend New Country Collision Center. They are the way every car repair shop or dealership should be.
Date of Posting: 04 April 2014
Posted By: Gentian
Completely Satisfied after hitting a deer

Right from the start Bob was very accommodating, helpful and knowledgeable. He made the repair work seem effortless. When I called him for additional information, for the insurance company, he never hesitated. He provided the information and also said his original estimate was higher than the final cost because the dealership had sent him parts that he said he did not need. I was amazed. I was blown away. This is almost unheard of in this day and age. Usually the final cost is higher than the original quote because something was missed. Kudos to Bob and his staff at New Country Collision. I'll recommend them every chance I get.
Date of Posting: 03 April 2014
Posted By: Ed Martin
You're the best -- thanks for a job well done!!!--God bless!
Date of Posting: 31 March 2014
Posted By: Roberta Golden
Nicely done

Great service and quality of work from the start to finish. Thanks to Bobby and his crew - they repaired my crunched right passenger side of my F150. I was concerned that the insurance adjuster would lowball the estimate, instead, Bobby took the truck himself and negotiated on my behalf, not only for a full quality repair, but also the time required, so that my car rental of 10 days was covered. The work was so good that perhaps a special shield was created? - because less than a week later a deer decided to head butt the side of my truck on the thruway while i was going at 70mph...when i inspected the damage (almost in the same place as the repair), somehow there was just a 3 inch crack in the metal. Carma Karma? Perhaps. Having someone care about their work definitely will create protection in the future (Bobby also gave me a decent estimate for repairing - his demeanor and honesty are a huge part of why i would recommend New Country to anyone!)
Date of Posting: 30 March 2014
Posted By: John B
Beyond Expectations

Bob was recommended by a neighbor, so I tried him out. They got my Odyssey bumper replaced on time, on budget, and even shuttled the car to me home. Everyone was super pleasant. Now I know where to go without worrying about it.
Date of Posting: 29 March 2014
Posted By: David H
Very Accommodating

Bob Aaron and his Staff did a great job in "Banner Time" repairing my Vehicle.
Bob is extremely honest, helpful, accurate, accommodating and professional.
His work speaks for itself.
I recommended New Country Collision, Inc. to anyone involved in and Auto Accident that requires repair of their Vehicle.
Thank you Bob and your Staff for a job well done!
Date of Posting: 26 March 2014
Posted By: Bruno Imperati
Great Service-great job

Needed a shattered colored glass window replaced on my side passenger door for my Town and Country van. Bob and his crew got it done as promised, timely, and very neatly also. Very positive experience. Will do business with them again without hesitation.
Date of Posting: 24 March 2014
Posted By: Robert and Carol Pardy
Great Service

Thanks Bob for taking care of my 2009 dodge Ram 1500. The Truck came out wonderful. You and your staff always take that extra step. all I had to do was drop it off and you even gave me a ride home. I have already recommended 2 people to you.
Date of Posting: 11 March 2014
Posted By: Ismael Roman
Quality and Service

Bob and his team at New Country did a perfect job repairing my Subaru. What a pain in the @$$ getting hit is! But the pleasantness and professionalism delivered by this team helped to alleviate that grief by renewing my faith in American small business. I am a quality assurance manager and a nit-picking hound! These guys are the real deal. They operate a world class operation out of humble little spot on Hatfield Lane in Poughkeepsie. Great job, guys. So long as this is how you do business, I am a customer.
Date of Posting: 01 March 2014
Posted By: Thorn Winter

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